Media Cloud Editorial
A one-stop-shop to manage the editorial process from start to end. It includes a web CMS web which improves SEO and engagement and a print CMS with layout automation.
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Media Cloud Editorial

The Media Cloud Editorial platform is a fully integrated digital and printed content management system.

The entire system has been designed for writers to work for any channel from the browser. The content is created in our editor and directly published in the selected channels.

Manage several publications from one platform

Our Media Cloud Editorial solution allows you to manage several publications in different languages from one platform, encouraging informational synergies between outlets belonging to the same group. The content can be easily shared and enriched by different newsrooms through one platform. The tool can also be used offline, making field work easier for reporters.

All editing is centralised in one place, which can be accessed from any browser on any device. Depending on the user’s permissions, the newsroom templates are accessed here. There is only one newsroom because the web and print content is the same, keeping the order of priority. The system automatically sends the content to print or to the digital channels once it has been finalised and validated.

Simplify your tasks and save time

Our mixed team of writers and developers have come up with an editorial solution designed to make the journalist’s life easier. To create a news article, the writer writes the content directly in the web editor and publishes it in the required format: print, web, app, newsletter, push notification or social media post.

Our Media Cloud Editorial allows writers to run direct searches by agency (EFE, Europa Press, AFP, Reuters) and directly include the content in the article. The built-in image editor tool uses artificial intelligence to automatically embed images in each channel. The multilingual spellchecker, word counter and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) article editor also ensure a streamlined process and an optimal result.

Automate your print editorial production

The tool makes print production tasks easier, regardless of the size of the publication, allowing real-time monitoring of the content and advertising workflow and automatically uploading print-web content, avoiding duplicates.

The newsroom can create an extensive catalogue of templates to automate the newspaper’s daily layout, automatically filling in pages and headlines. Automatic variables can also be applied to sections, days of the week or editions.

A web content system adapted to the digital age

Our solution is optimised so that your news can be seen from any web browser or Windows and Mac environment and can be accessed from a native Android and iOS app, anti-adblocker included.

Select your web design from a large catalogue of quick-to-install templates optimised for SEO and UX which also you to customise design variables, enrich your news with multimedia content -photo galleries, social media content, audio or video- and streamline the creation of new pages or sections at any time through the intuitive and ergonomic design interface.

SEO for your news

The powerful Media Cloud Editorial tool includes a semantic intelligence engine that automatically suggests the metadata for each article, optimises the properties of each section and performs an intelligent selection of related news to save time for the writer.

Deliver news to your readers in engaging formats

The Media Cloud Editorial tool helps the newsroom to create content in formats that immediately engage readers, for example, minute-by-minute live events, Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, Twitter Cards and push notifications.

Boost traffic with A/B testing, which ensures that news stories are always shown with the most popular headline and image among several options.

The media outlet can also highlight selected news stories based on the day’s topics or the most read or shared stories, so that the reader can access them quickly.

Increase reader engagement

The Media Cloud Editorial platform encourages reader loyalty because they can register their favourite articles to their profile, save articles to read later, follow topics that interest them and access related news stories.

Based on this information, the system allows you to recommend and customise content depending on each user’s interests and create newsletters with selected news stories and articles.

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Media Cloud Editorial adapts to the present and future needs of your business. It is flexible, grows with you and changes according to your priorities. Tell us what your company is like and what you are looking for so that we can make you a tailor-made offer.