Media Cloud Audiences
Effective audience management requires streamlined tools for subscriptions, analytics and push notifications for the best results.
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Media Cloud Audiences

The Media Cloud suite is integrated with our subscription management tools, which allows the outlet to offer different subscription options for digital or printed editions and consequently diversify the company’s income.

It increases revenue streams by offering readers different subscription options and combines the company’s profits with advertising, selling printed newspapers, e-commerce, cross-selling, etc.

Set up the best paywall for you

The outlet has access to an internal organisation platform which even includes invoicing management and a multi-language interface for users with different types of paywall. Set up the best paywall for your business strategy, whether hard paywall, metered or freemium, and choose restricted content or formats for your subscribers (premium, e-paper).

Increase subscriber conversion rates

The media outlet can configure their subscription models so that the user can opt for an annual or monthly subscription and automatic or manual renewal. They can also offer different payment methods (paypal, credit card, bizum, twipe, etc) as well as promotions, free trials and discount vouchers.

Subscriber registration forms can be customised and the user can log in from a specific account or from 32 different social media to make the process easier.

Streamline print subscription management

The platform is integrated with Google Places, which automatically validates postal addresses. It is also designed to manage delivery based on the post code system in each country or region.

The user can alternate delivery between different addresses: main address, work address, summer residence, etc. or even pause their subscription for a certain period without cancelling it.

Push notifications and analytics

The Media Cloud suite is integrated with our audience analysis solution, an option that allows the outlet to find out the most important information about content and readers through easy-to-interpret panels.

Real-time analytics for the newsroom

Our analytics tool developed by experts and journalists provides carefully designed metrics for the media.

The system can differentiate between articles seen and articles read, and provides the newsroom with this information in real time. It also provides a list of the most queried metadata and the most visited newspaper sections.

It generates relevant weekly and monthly reports on user engagement and retention for the editorial business.

Integration with the editorial CMS

By being integrated with the editorial platform, it includes features to boost article traffic, such as A/B testing with the headline and main image in the articles or push notifications for the content published.

The tool also provides a complete analysis beyond the web content: it includes the results of push notifications and web traffic from those notifications, newsletters sent out and even user registration.

As well as being integrated with your CMS, it is also integrated with most AdServers, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Bitly and other data sources like Comscore.

It complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The tool respects reader privacy and does not pass on data to third parties. The outlet’s data and that of its readers only belong to the outlet, which is not the case with other platforms that pass on your data to browsers like Google. It is therefore compatible with the strictest international data protection laws.

Customise your reader’s experience

The tool provides intelligent audience RFV segmentation based on frequency, freshness and volume of content read by each user. Based on these variables, the level of engagement with the outlet is calculated and the audience is classified into “temporary”, “sporadic”, “loyal” and “unconditional” readers. From this classification different loyalty strategies can be applied to each user segment.

Information about each reader’s geographical location and device used is collected. The profile of the registered users provides information about their age, gender, journalists they follow, favourite topics, etc. All of this information results in personalised content recommendation modules by the CMS.





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