Latest News and Improvements

Our development team is committed to identifying and solving problems in our software. We maintain an agile development cycle that allows us to quickly address any issues or errors that arise and provide updates and patches to our customers.

Cloud Release 2.24 (September 11, 2023)DescriptionCode Impact Level
Web CMS-Minor correction in the generation of A/B Testing statistics.ITER-1989Low
Web CMS-Improvements in cache management performance.ITER-1995Low
Web CMS-Occasional error correction when sending some newsletters.ITER-1996Low
Web CMS-Fixed display problem in the advanced search calendar.ITER-1970Medium
Web CMS-Improved communication between eCommerce DXP and Iter WCM.ITER-2001Medium
Web CMSFixed the problem of indexing content in mobile versions. ITER-2019Medium

Cloud Release 2.23 (July 26, 2023) DescriptionCode Impact Level
System-Improvements in the management of document queries.MLN-9724Low
System-Possibility to add native tables to web articles.MLN-9372Low
System-Improvements in the display of content in macOS environments.MLN-9611Low
System-Improved keyboard shortcuts for macOS environments.MLN-9672Low
System-Fixed a problem with rare characters when sending an email from the content search interface on macOS.MLN-9699Medium
System-Improvement when it comes to copying and pasting texts from external sources (MS Word, etc.) while maintaining the source format.ITWED-1284Medium
DAM -Minor corrections in the Semantic Intelligence Engine dialog.MLN-9566Low
ePaper-Correction of minor errors in the processes of sending to digital channels.COM-713Low
Web CMS -Integration with TikTok and Spotify.MLN-8671Low
Web CMS-Stability improvements when incorporating content from YouTube.MLN-9552Low
Web CMS-Stability improvements in the “Loyalty” module for users.ITAD-241Low

Cloud Release 2.22 (Jun 5, 2023) DescriptionCode Impact Level
Security-Improvements in backups.UNC-1622Low
System-Improvements in the performance and speed of connections.LP-81Low
System-Fixed problems with the display of some fonts.MLN-8596Low
System-Improvements in the sending, production and generation of PDFs.MLN-9481Low
System-Minor corrections of translations.MLN-9531Low
System-Improvements in sending publications to digital channels.COM-707Low
Web CMS-Performance improvements in the Iter Live Events module when it comes to broadcasting sports.ITLE-33Medium
Web CMS-Incorporation of a new Mexico time zone.ITER-1957Medium
Web CMS-Solved problem of managing web advertising funds.ITER-1908
ePaper-Possibility to incorporate Google Analytics 4 code (ID).EPAPER-236Low
Reports-Improvements in the management and production of productivity reports.MA-599Low

Cloud Release 2.21 (April 4, 2023)DescriptionCode Impact Level
System-Improvements in the threads of the connections of the client stations. MLN-9118Low
Web CMS-Correction of minor errors when it comes to synchronizing all the contents. MLN-9462Low
DAM -Fixed an image entry problem for some news agencies. MLN-8596Medium